Matt Wesp
Matt WespWellness Consultant, Heartland Home Foods


Fresh Food Delivery in Frederick! Taste A Healthy Lifestyle Today!


Fresh Food Delivery Service, Right To Your Door

A healthy life starts with a few basic facts. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat right. I can’t control your schedule, make you go to sleep earlier or wake up early to get a workout before your day’s hectic to do list(Kids to daycare/school, commuting to/from work, endless email inbox). What I can do is conveniently deliver direct to your home all-natural and organic meats and vegetables so you can confidently feed your family the hormone and anti-biotic free grass-fed beef, chicken, pork and seafood that you deserve without having to deal with the stress of the going to the grocery store.

I provide:

  • Fresh Organic Poultry From Local Chicken Farms
  • Fresh food Delivery To Frederick & Surrounding Areas
  • Antibiotic Free Meats
  • Grocery Delivery To Your Door
  • Food To Support The Paleo Diet and Lifestyle
  • Non GMO Foods
  • Grass Fed Beef
  • Organic Chicken
  • Local Farm To Table Produce

I serve families across the mid-atlantic and build my business from satisfied customer referrals. Everyone eats right?? Happy parents sharing their experiences with our healthy home food delivery service and invite their friends, families and co-workers to enjoy the same great tasting food.

I’ve traveled the world backpacking/working for a few years with the intent of experiencing new cultures, new cuisines, and the wonders of the world. My top 3 favorite cuisines are Indian, Italian and Greek. And one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been is the Himalayas in India.

I’m not done traveling either. It is my goal is to travel 6-8 weeks each year. I’m a collector of experiences, not material things.

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