Business Planning for 2018 Made Easy

Business Planning for 2018 Made Easy

Business Planning for 2017When you first started your business you probably had a detailed and well-thought out business plan. It’s what you do when you start out. The problem is, most people establish their initial vision, mission and goals in the beginning and then forget about them. That’s a problem because as you know, the market changes, customer needs change and products often change too.

You don’t have to create a HUGE Business Plan each year but you should take some time to write down the basics and outline how you are going to move forward in the next year.

You can do this a couple of ways. First, you can utilize the resources of SCORE. SCORE is an organization that provides mentorship, guidance and resources to small businesses. If you want one-on-one guidance, you can even be matched with a SCORE counselor who can walk you through the process of coming up with an effective business plan. SCORE also has many resources available for free.

Now, you may find that the templates SCORE provides are perfect for you. But if not, and you’re looking for something a little less daunting. You might want to look at the $100 Start-Up. They also provide some resources for free including this one page business plan. On the surface the one page business plan looks almost too basic but in reality it is far from that because it still requires your thoughtful contemplation about your business, your customers and your product or service.

Whichever approach you choose. Take time to do some planning for 2018. Studies show that people who write down their goals more often achieve them. Plus, you’ll feel focused and motivated to make 2018 exciting and profitable!

For more information on business planning or marketing for 2018 contact Lori Curley of Curley Marketing & Social Media at (301) 676-5633.



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