6 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook Marketing - Frederick Business Connections6 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

You’ve been told that Facebook is the place to be if you want to get the word out about your business. It makes sense right? 1.6 Billion people use Facebook for everything from posting photos of their children, to getting political, to promoting their products and services.

The uses of social media are endless, which makes it feel like the wild wild west. It’s crazy and almost lawless out there, which is why, for businesses, there need to be some guidelines if you want to be successful using Facebook.

Here’s 8 tips for ensuring small businesses success on Facebook.

BUT first, we need to agree on one thing.

What’s that you say? Well, can we agree that “Social” is just another word for building relationships?

If we can agree on that, then we are on the same page and these tips can work for you and your business.

Tip 1: Don’t Use Your Personal Page as a Business Page

This seems like a silly tip to some but there’s many people who are still using their personal page as their place to conduct business too. This is a huge mistake. First, it’s confusing. Your friends might not want to see your business postings and your customers likely don’t want to see a photo of the new couch you just bought or what you ate at dinner last night. This is not to say you should not include personal content on your business page (read tip # ). It’s just that your business customers should not see ALL of your personal stuff.

Tip 2: Create a Compelling Cover Photo for Your Business Page (have a good profile photo too)

The large photo at the top of your Facebook Business page is called the Cover Photo. While it seems inconsequential, it’s actually very important for several reasons.

First, it takes up prime real estate on your page and it’s a great place to make your Brand message super clear! Through an interesting image you can capture someone’s attention and most importantly you can even use it to advertise a promotion or push a strong call-to-action.  So make use of this valuable space and change out your cover photo at least every quarter.

Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Photo Sizes

Tip 3: Think of 5  to 6 Categories of Topics to Focus on For Your Posts

It can be super overwhelming to come up with stuff to post on your Facebook page IF you do it on the fly and you have no plan. We all have the best intentions but it will happen… you’ll get busy and you’ll forget to post. Or you won’t post because at that moment you don’t have anything to say. That’s why planning is key!

Come up with 5 to 6 Categories or Types of Posts. Four should be “Social” with the goal of building relationships with your followers. The 5th should be promotional or about your business. You should never be 100% promotional. That will completely turn off your audience. You have to build trust with people over time before promoting your business.

Some examples could be:

  • Area or event info
  • Funny or fun
  • Shared content from other sites or pages
  • Questions that will engage
  • Promotional (your products or services)
  • Helpful tips
  • Quotes, inspirational
  • Educational/How-to

Pick 5 categories from the above or come up with your own. Then create an editorial calendar of content that fits within those categories. So the question you’ll ask yourself is not, what should I write about today? Instead the question will be, what inspirational quote will I post on Wednesday or what funny video will I post every Friday. Can you see how this way of thinking will make your posts easier?

Tip 4: Pre-Set Your Posts to Launch on Desired Days & Times

To further help you plan your posts to launch AND make your life easier, it’s best to pre-plan your posts. So once you have figured out what your posting you can use Facebook to schedule out your posts OR you can use a tool designed exactly for this purpose. A tool that works really well is Buffer. You can set-up all of your social media platforms in this tool as well as your posts – scheduled by day and time.

Tip 5: Test, Analyze, Optimize & Repeat

Once your posts launch you want to make sure you check your Facebook Insights or, if you are using Buffer; check your results there. You have to know what is getting engagement (views, likes, comments & shares) and what is getting no response at all. Obviously if one of your categories is not giving you results. Then it’s time to come up with a different category OR change up the content within that category and try again.

You should always be testing content, analyzing the results and thinking of ways to optimize results so that you get people to not only react to your posts but to engage in ways like clicking through to your website, filling out a contact form or picking up the phone and calling you.

Tip 6: Be Consistent!

If you can’t be consistent and post at least a few times per week, it’s going to be hard to build a following. Commit to being consistent and you should see results over time.

Building a following on Facebook is not something you can do overnight (unless you are a Kardashian). So be patient! It can take a year, or even multiple years to build a solid following on Facebook. Relationships offline take time and so do relationships online.

So, make a plan. Implement the plan. Give it time to work. Measure results. Rinse and repeat.

Good Luck and feel free to visit us at our next network marketing meeting. We’d love to hear how you are using Facebook to get more business.


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